Cost to replace a laptop keyboard?

Let’s face the facts: There have been many occasions in our lives when we accidentally spill our beverages all over the laptop. It is difficult to clean a laptop keyboard because liquids and drinks can be absorbed into the keyboard. It is possible to replace your laptop keyboard.

You should stop trying to figure out how much it would cost to replace a laptop’s keyboard. Particularly if it is a gaming laptop model. This article covers all details regarding the replacement cost. I also have the complete process of replacing the laptop’s keyboard.

Cost of replacing a laptop keyboard

What is the cost to replace a laptop keyboard?

It will cost less to replace the whole keyboard on your laptop than it would to have it repaired by the company. Each model of laptop has a different cost. The average cost of replacing a laptop is $70 to $200.

The cost of replacing the keyboard on a Dell Laptop will be lower if you do so. The cost of replacing your Macbook’s keyboard will go up. It will cost more to have the keyboard replaced by a tech guy at your local store. The cost of a replacement laptop will be lower if you purchase it and complete the job yourself.

Find the Perfect Laptop Keyboard Substitute

Once you have calculated how much it would cost to replace your laptop’s keyboard, the next step is finding the right substitute. It is impossible to use the same keyboard on a different laptop model. You need to find the perfect replacement. Find the model number of your keyboard and search the market for it. You can keep costs under control by looking for the lowest prices on various sites like Amazon and eBay.

How to Replace Your Laptop Keyboard

Collect the Tools

Once you’ve found the right substitute keyboard for your laptop the real work begins, which is to replace the keyboard. This step is not for the inexperienced. To replace your keyboard properly, you will need to have a few tools. To remove the small screws from your laptop, you will first need a screwdriver. To gently lift the parts of your laptop without damaging them, you will need a small knife.

Turn off the Laptop

Once you have your replacement laptop, and all your tools in hand, it’s time to get to work. Make sure your laptop is turned off and that the battery cable has been removed. Before you begin removing the parts, make sure there is no other cable attached.

Take off the Cover

With the help of a screwdriver, remove all screws from the laptop’s cover. The knife can be used to carefully lift the cover off the laptop. You must be careful not to pull the cover off the laptop while you are lifting it or tearing the cable.

Take out the Keyboard

Once the cover is removed, loosen all screws holding the keyboard. Now remove the keypad from your laptop. This step is very important. Do not tug on the keypad too hard as it could cause damage to the cables. You should carefully remove the cable connector from your old keyboard.

Add the New Keyboard

Once you have removed the old keyboard from its place, it is time to put the new keyboard in the spotlight. Connect the data cable to the connector and attach it to the new keyboard. After the cable has been attached, place the keyboard on the laptop. Screw the screws into place. Tighten them. Screw the cover securely back into place. Test the keyboard by turning on the laptop.

Is it possible to replace the keyboard of a laptop?

If your keyboard keys are damaged or missing, you can easily replace them. You will first need to locate the right replacement keyboard for your model. Next, remove the original keyboard and replace it with the new one.

How can you fix a broken laptop keyboard?

The keycap may be loose if your laptop’s keyboard has broken keys. To fix this problem, press down on your keycap until it attaches to the key retainer. If that doesn’t work, you can swap out the whole keyboard for a different one.

What is the cost of repairing a laptop keyboard?

The price of fixing a laptop’s keyboard will vary depending on its brand. It will cost more to replace your MacBook’s keyboard than a Dell keyboard. It will also cost more if it is done by a professional technician.