Boa Technology: Brand in The Spotlight


Click. Twist. Tighten. The Boa System was founded 16 years ago with the simple idea of creating a better way for snowboard boots to be laced. The brand has revolutionized how we tighten boots, shoes, helmets, as well as horse shoes.

The Boa System is well-known to most outdoor athletes. You will find the twist-to-tighten closings on hiking boots and snowboard boots. There’s more to the brand that one product.

Tip for Buying

Boa System laces and dials are guaranteed for the life of the product they are attached to. Boa will send a kit to repair any “lace” that is broken.

Fun Fact

Gary Hammerslag, founder of Boa Technology, had one idea: replace traditional shoelaces with snowboard boots with a more efficient and convenient way to lace up.

The Boa System was first introduced to the public in 2001 with K2 and Vans as its partners. Boa Technology has been able to connect with over 330 brands in a variety of industries and produced more than 83,000,000 Boa dials.

The Boa System is used in the top products

The Rhythm Mountain shoe, a tech-savvy design, is made for speed and comfort on tough trails. The Rhythm Mountain shoe is built to conquer any terrain, whether you are racing enduro or singletrack bombing. The Rhythm features the Boa IP1 dial that allows for precise, two-way adjustment.

Kali Protectives has launched the Interceptor helmet to hardcore mountain bikers. The Boa System at the back allows for adjustable fit.

These waterproof hiking boots protect the foot with a supportive membrane that is breathable. The boot is anti-fungal, and has unique traction lugs that provide grip. The tongue features the Boa System, which allows for tight fitting.

Brand Spanking New

The Asics Gel FujiRado is a trail-running shoe that’s aggressive, lightweight, and protects. It uses the Boa Run System. They are super lightweight and feel great. We will be posting a complete review very soon.

Gary Hammerslag was a surfer, snowboarder, entrepreneur, and pioneer who founded BOA in 2001. After selling his previous company in California, Gary relocated to Steamboat Colorado in the middle of the 1990s. His innovative catheter solutions made angioplasty procedures more efficient and effective.

He arrived in Steamboat, and he started snowboarding every chance he could.

The BOA Fit System was created after numerous prototypes and testing. It is a quick, easy, precise fit that will revolutionize industries such as snowboarding and medical bracing. Gary’s belief and intensity in BOA led to the acquisition of K2 and Vans as brand partners. In 2001, BOA launched its first BOA-powered snowboard boots.

BOA has over 300 brand partners, thanks to two brand partners who took a chance. Today, the BOA Fit boa technology system is used in millions boots, shoes, helmets, and other performance products all over the globe.

The company was founded in a small office in the Rocky Mountains. It has since grown to be a global business with offices in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong and China.

BOA will carry on its deep boa technology commitment to improving the performance of brand partner products while being responsible stewards for the environment and communities that we serve and investing in innovation.