MIAT College of Technology: Mission Statement


  • Approvals, Certifications and Accreditation MIAT College of Technology
  • Accredited by ACCSC Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges
  • Approved By U.S. Department of Education
  • National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Arrangements (NCSARA) approved

Approved to Receive Federal Military and Veteran Educational Benefits

  • Aviation Maintenance Technology and Airframe and Powerplant Technician are FAA Federal Aviation Administration Certificated Certificates BN9T040R.
  • The NCATT-National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies has accredited the Airframe and Powerplant Technician program
  • MIAT College of Technology, Canton, MI
  • State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Licensed
  • MIAT College of Technology, Houston, TX
  • Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved and regulated it. Austin, TX. Approved and regulated in Austin, Texas by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges.

MIAT College of Technology Policies and other Information

Before beginning any course work at MIAT College of Technology, applicants must have obtained a high school diploma. Please refer to the Student Catalog for complete admissions and entry policies.

  • Admission requirements
  • Classes start dates
  • Classes start soon! For more information, contact an Admissions Representative.
  • Uniforms and Dress Code

Professional appearance is essential in order to maintain a professional environment. When students begin their training, they are given five (5) MIAT-approved shirts. The Student Handbook contains specific details about the dress code.

  • Drug Policy

MIAT is committed towards a drug-free environment. Students are prohibited from using alcohol or any other drugs. If a student is suspected of being under the influence, the school may require students to undergo drug or alcohol testing. The Student Handbook contains more information.

  • Assistance for Graduates in Employment

Graduate employment assistance starts before graduation. One-on-one advice, resume writing, interviewing skills, and many on-campus interviews are all provided. All MIAT graduates have access to our employment assistance at no extra cost throughout their career.

  • Student Employment Assistance

Our Career Services Department maintains strong relationships with local employers that are interested in hiring students for various part-time and full-time positions. Job openings are posted frequently in Canvas and sent by email. Although this is a collaborative environment in which students work closely with Career Services Departments, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to find and keep employment while they are enrolled at school.

  • Financial Assistance

MIAT is accredited through the Accrediting Committee of Career Schools and Colleges, an accrediting body recognized by the US Department of Education. Federal aid may be available to students in the form of PLUS Loans, PLUS Loans, and PELL Grants. There are no federal scholarships. Students have additional funding options. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information about funding sources and qualifications.

  • Scholarships

MIAT provides scholarships for high school seniors who meet the requirements. It also works with other organizations that offer scholarship resources to those who are eligible. For more information on scholarships, please contact us.

  • Freeze the tuition rate

The tuition rate for an applicant at the time they apply will not change if they start training on the scheduled start date and continue to attend.

  • Non-Discrimination

MIAT does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color or national origin.

  • Campus Job Fairs

Many companies regularly conduct interviews on campus and hold job fairs for our students. Students are able to have a stable income and work history, while also continuing their training for a future trade career.

  • School hours

Students attend class Monday to Friday, and are assigned a morning or after-school class schedule.

  • Tools and supplies

Students in Aviation, HAC and Welding will be provided with a Matco toolkit during their training at MIAT. MIAT also provides the supplies, equipment, and specialized tools required to complete various lab assignments and projects. The Student Catalog lists the estimated costs of supplies and tools.

  • Tutoring

Students may need extra assistance during their time at MIAT. There are dedicated facilities and faculty that can provide individual tutoring and assistance at no extra cost.