Go the extra mile from Architect to Project Manager


The Project Management Institute (PMI), published studies that showed a worldwide increase in the performance of commercial projects.

Project performance rose by 3% from 68% to 3% in 2017, and 3% in 2018. The reason for this increase is that project managers are more in demand.

PMI projects that more than 97 million project managers will be required by 2027. Without their expertise, businesses could lose billions of dollars.

Businesses seek out architects who have a range of skills to fill different roles within their companies. They also look for complete business management software solutions.

These positions are being sought by architects to improve their skills for large-scale projects.

Your architectural skills can be combined with your knowledge of software solutions to make company projects a success.

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What does an architect have to offer project management?

These are the skills that an architect can bring into project management.

Communication and teamwork

A project manager must be able to communicate and work well with others. Because you are familiar with working with contractors and your stakeholder management background, you can be ready to manage projects.


A strong background in architecture could help the company to negotiate effectively. Building contractors can benefit from your expertise and advice.

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As an architect, you will likely possess a natural talent for solving problems. You are able to manage structural details and solve company problems using unique solutions.

Your abilities allow you to solve problems in a building plan, and offer creative solutions that an architect who is not a professional could not.

Making decisions

You can use your architectural knowledge to make sound decisions that will benefit you in a career as a project manager.

You can make arrangements for groundwork requirements, quality control plans, or establishing building sites.

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Risk Mitigation

An architect can help you keep track of variables and records, which will help maintain budgets and satisfy stakeholders by paying them on-time.

You will be more likely to choose a contractor who is good at what they do.

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How can project management skills improve employee value?

  • Your ability to manage projects will allow you to diversify and expand your career in architecture.
  • Your analytical and reporting skills will help you grow as a leader, in addition to expanding your opportunities.
  • Education is available at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels if you’re looking to improve your job prospects.
  • Online courses like the Graduate Diploma In Project will allow you to work while studying.
  • RMIT offers a Management Program.
  • This degree will allow you to extend your architectural knowledge into project management.
  • This program offers flexible learning options that can be tailored to your individual needs. It also includes seven-week study periods, so you can manage study and work.
  • You will be able to take charge in a rapidly growing field once you have completed the course.