Best Headphones For PS5 2022


You don’t want to settle for old headphones that have poor sound quality when you buy a new gaming console.

Although you can play games on PS5 with headphones, the experience will not be as good. The premium 3D sound quality is not available without headphones.

The thrashing sounds of video games will be a deafening distraction for your family members. It is best to keep the sound effects to yourself. You can solve this problem by using headphones.

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Gaming Router for PS5

We are here to help you if you are a perfectionist looking for the best headphones on PlayStation 5. This article is for you. We searched for the best headphones for PS5 and found the best sound effects.

We will be sharing an honest review of the top headphones for PS5. We will be reviewing the latest and most innovative features on all of the products we review. We can summarize by saying that they all come in one package.

We will help you choose the best headphones for your ps5. You will find the right headphone for you ps5 at the end of this article.

  1. HYPERX CLOUD ALPHA – Best Headphones For PS5


  • Type Circumaural, closed-back
  • Frequency response 13Hz-27,000Hz
  • Weight 298g
  • Driver Custom dynamic, 50mm with Neodymium magnets
  • Impedance 65 O

HyperX Cloud Alpha headset is among the most popular and accepted. It also offers customized sound for PC and PS5. The 4 foot detachable link works with the PS5 and provides clear sound for communication with other gamers, regardless of how loud or quiet the mic is.

Cloud Alpha was the headset that was chosen to be used for gaming due to its comfortable ear pads, large headband, and light weight. You can maximize the sound effect with the headset’s dynamic sound range.

Dual shock can cause the sound of alpha to be up-to-date, and some gamers may lose the symbol of power beyond expectations.

Alpha has the best sound quality of any wired headset that we’ve tried on the PS5, including HyperX Cloud II and Sennheiser GSP300, as well as Corsair HS50.

Cloud Alpha’s front page is delightful. Gaming headsets are often too close to the nose. However, they are clearer than the PlayStation Gold which is more accessible and less bulky.

Cloud Alpha’s receiver can be removed; you can replace it if it is not being used. We found headsets with microphones similar to Sennheiser GSP 300. However, this is not as acceptable as Alpha which has a larger sound than the normal. . Its sound distribution is also worse than that of the PS5.

Cloud Alpha is simpler and more desirable than headsets above head 150 like the PlayStation Gold and Hyper X Cloud Flight. It can be dropped on the ground, or placed in your bag. It will not fall apart easily. PlayStation Gold is very similar to it.

Highlights with 1.20m mesh cloud alpha 3.5mm Jack. Although it is small enough to not cause any problems when connected to the PlayStation Regulator, it allows you to still move your hands comfortably. The link has both noise and silent controls. The link can be removed and replaced if damaged.


  • Fully removable cabling, and intelligent inline control.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Strong form quality


  • It is not foldable which can cause voyaging to be a bit of a problem

  1. EASYSMX GAMING SET FOR PS5 – Budget Headphones for PS5


  • Driver Size 50mm
  • Frequency Range 20-20Khz
  • Speaker Diameter 50mm
  • Connection Type 3.5mm 3 Pin Audio Jack
  • Rated Power 20MV

The EGSMX PS5 gaming headphone can be paired with the PlayStation 5 or PC with late-running frameworks if you want to get the most out of your innovative gadgets. You can connect the headset to your tablet or cell phone via a USB cable that is longer than 2 meters.

The Easy SMX PS5 gaming headset’s fabric is strong and beautiful. The housing is made of plastic and forms the shell for the metal band headset. The clipping power of the headset was accurate and it was not too heavy, according to my experience.

You can rotate and turn the earbuds to ensure the perfect fit. Although the padding doesn’t allow for much adjustment to the ear cups the material breathes everywhere and is acceptable.

He said that the omnidirectional type is the first page. This is because they have a better pickup design and can provide more sensation than one way mics. Your mileage will depend on the amount of foundation conflict in the area where you are using the headset. The microphone pulls back and crashes into the headset.

It should not be bent or formed. The Easy SMX PS5 gaming headset has a 20 – 20 kHz repetitive riding that produces a consistent volume but not too much noise.

The headset’s bass is powerful without lagging, and the mids are clear, crisp, and easily recognizable. The headset provides music with a good soundtrack.

The ECSMX headset offers easy access to the voice of the player. It has a 3.5mm connector and client management that is compatible with ABS mode. The EGSMX Micro Gaming Headset PS5 Gaming is an ideal choice if you are looking for an accessible headset that can be used with a wide range of gadgets.