Great Plains Technology Center: Nursing Program Review


The Great Plains Technology Center provides training and vocational education to students in Southwest Oklahoma. It was established in 1971. The center educates more than 1,000 students annually in carpentry, nursing chair , welding and computer technology. Operates two campuses: the main campus in Lawton, and the Tillman Kiowa campus at Frederick. Great Plains Technology Center has been accredited by the North Central Association Commission on School Improvement and Accreditation and Accreditation of Great Plains Technology Center.

Nursing Programs

The National League for ppr travel nursing Accrediting Commission has accredited the Practical Nursing program at Great Plains Technology Center.

Great Plains Technology Center Undergraduate Nursing Programs

  • College Credit Cooperative Alliance

Students can earn credits through a cooperative program at Transfer into nursing programs offered by partner universities and programs. Western Oklahoma State College offers up to 18 hours of study for students in the Practical Nursing program.

Great Plains Technology Center Nursing Certificate Programs

  • Practical Nursing

Great Plains Technology Center’s Practical Nursing program prepares nurses to work in a variety health care settings, under the guidance and collaboration of Registered Nurses (RNs) and other healthcare professionals. Practical nursing students are prepared to become Licensed Practical Nurses. After completing the program, students can take the NCLEX PN, National Council for Licensure Exam for Practical Nurses, to become a LPN in Oklahoma. The minimum requirements for admission to the LPN program are 18 years old, a high-school diploma or GED, CPR certification (specifically for nurses) and attendance at a mandatory information meeting about travel nursing programs. A good record is required for students applying to the program if they have previous experience working in healthcare.

  • Nursing Aide for Long-Term Care

Great Plains Technology Center’s Long Term Care Nursing Aide Program prepares students for basic patient care in a variety settings. After completing the program, students can take the Oklahoma Certified Nurse Aide exam. The CNA program takes 127 hours and includes four courses. Students will receive a certificate in CPR (cardiopulmonary rescue) as part of the program.

  • Great Plains Technology Center Student Resources

Current students have access to unique resources. The Great Plains Technology Center student newspaper has a section called The Lounge. It allows students to exchange and compare their experiences with each other. This program focuses on the lives of two  students, from the beginning to the end of their school year. Recent reports praised nurses and students in the healthcare field.

There are also programs that can help students who are in financial need. Great Plains Technology Center’s SCORE program offers students 16-19 years old the chance to enroll in an academic program and learn a vocational trade. Nearly 1000 students have taken part in the program.

  • Career Programs

Great Plains Technology Center, located in Lawton Oklahoma, is a public school for 2-4 year olds. The tuition and fees for the largest program at the school are $4,052 in the academic year 2021-2022. There are 22 vocational programs offered by the school. After graduation, the average earnings are $36,700. The school has 186 students and a graduation rate of 88%. There are 22 major programs offered by the school. Here are the details of Great Plains Technology Center’s career and vocational programs, as well as their costs.

Largest Programs Completion Time and Costs

Great Plains Technology Center’s largest program is Licensed Practical/Vocational Nursing Training. Its 2022 tuition & fees cost $4,052. The average tuition cost for the Licensed Practical/Vocational nursing education Training program at all US trade schools is $14,963.

The following table lists the most important program information, including tuition, books, supplies, program length and average completion times. Based on data from the relevant vocational program’s trade schools, the average values were calculated.

  • 2022 Average Attendance Costs

The average tuition and fees at Great Plains Technology Center is $4,052. It costs $1,076 to purchase books and supplies. If a student lives on-campus, the total cost of attendance will be $21,700.

  • Vocational and Career Programs

Great Plains Technology Center offers 24 career programs through 2-year Certificate and 2-4-year Certificate programs. Below is a table that summarizes the number of graduates by degree program.