How to Factory Reset Acer Laptop


You want your laptop to be safe and secure. It’s impossible to do this in real life because your laptops can get malware and viruses from different sources. We often choose to factory reset our laptops in order to avoid these situations.

We will be focusing on Acer laptops. This guide contains correct information and accurate instructions to help you factory reset Acer laptops. To avoid any confusion, make sure you read all the steps carefully. It is a machine and it does not have to be kept safe and secure throughout its use.

You should learn how to reset your gaming laptop safely and securely so you can use it without worrying about its safety. You don’t want to experience serious problems with your computer so it is important to know how to factory reset Acer laptops.

Resetting Acer Laptops

How to factory reset your Acer laptop

These are the main methods for factory resetting your Acer laptops. These are simple and will keep your laptops safe.

Factory Reset through Acer Care Center

This program is the best for factory reset in Acer laptops. It is an Acer laptop model that is specifically designed for factory reset. This procedure allows you to create a backup of your data, and then restore it later.

This Acer Care Centre must be installed on your laptop in order to enable factory reset via the Acer Care Centre option. After you have it installed, be sure to follow the instructions to factory reset your Acer laptop using Acer Care Centre.

Turn on your Acer laptop, and then go to the search bar. Enter recovery into the search bar to see the pop-up options.

You will see an option for Acer Recovery Management in the pop-up menu. To choose the recovery method, click on this button.

The Acer Care Centre will be your next destination. Once you have entered the Acer Care Centre click on the Get Started option. This will take you to the Reset your PC option.

You can also reset your computer by clicking the Reset Your PC button. This will offer you two options: keep my files and remove everything.

The best choice is to select the Remove All option.

This will allow you to move on to the next steps of cleaning. You have the option of removing only the files or cleaning out the entire drive.

It all depends on what you like. Select the option that you prefer for your laptop.

Click on the Reset button at the bottom of your window.

Several instructions will be displayed on the screen. To complete your rebooting process, be sure to carefully follow these instructions.

Acer Care Centre

Factory Resetting through Keyboard (ALT/F10 Buttons).

Another method is to use the keyboard to factory reset your Acer laptop. The Windows recovery environment can help you quickly and accurately do this. If you are planning to factory reset your Acer laptop using the ALT or F10 buttons, please read carefully.

Turn off your Acer laptop and hold the power button on the keyboard for approximately 5-6 seconds.

The laptop will turn off. Next, turn it off until you see Acer logo.

Once you see the Acer logo, pay close attention to your keyboard. Press the ALT and F10 buttons simultaneously.

After a while, you’ll be taken to the choose an option screen. This screen will show you three options.

Click on the Troubleshooting tab and move the cursor to it.

There are two options for factory reset: one for Windows 8 or one for Windows 7. You should carefully choose the method that best suits your windows.

Windows 8

If you have Windows 8 installed on your computer, click on the option to restore your system. Click on the Remove all option.

To begin the factory reset procedure, click on the Remove All option.

The factory reset process will take very little time and you’ll soon see the results. Once the factory resetting process is complete, you will see instructions on the screen. These instructions will help you to finish the process correctly.

Windows 7

After restarting your computer, press the F7 and the ALT keys simultaneously, choose the restore option on the screen.

The screen will direct you to the various options so you can choose the one that interests you.

Before you choose the one, make sure that you have read and understood all three. The rest is up to you. Once you have decided, the restoration process will start.

Follow the instructions to ensure that your Acer laptop is factory reset with Windows 7 properly.

Is everything deleted from the laptop after factory reset?

How to factory reset your Acer laptop

Hard resetting options can be different from factory resetting options. If you need to completely wipe your laptop clean, these factory resetting options may not be the best option.

Factory resetting may have erased data from your computer, but it is still there on the hard drive. Factory resetting, in simple terms, means that data from your computer is still there, but it cannot be accessed.

What is the Acer boot menu key?

The F12 key, which is specific for Acer laptops, is the most common key that will allow your device to enter the boot menu. We are referring to the Acer laptops as not all computers can be used in the same manner.

What function key does the boot menu use?

Depending on the model of your computer, laptops and windows, different keys will be used to enter the boot menu. The most common keys are F12, F10 and F2. The motherboard of the computer also affects the difference between the keys.