Best Mouse Bungee


While they are well-known in the gaming world, they are still very rare when it comes to mainstream use. The situation is constantly changing, so it’s not surprising that an everyday device will become trendy the next day. It’s only a matter time.

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the functionality of the best bungee mouse. The following lines will help you understand the situation.

The Top Picks for this Year

There are many options for the best bungee gaming mouse. It can be difficult to choose from among so many available. We have put together a list of the best bungee mouse on the market to save you time and effort. Let’s get started without further delay.

  1. Razer Mouse Bungee V2

Razer is a well-known and respected manufacturer of gaming components. Razer has been making the best gaming accessories and bungee mice for many decades. Here’s Razer Mouse Bungee V2 at the top of our list.

Razer Mouse Bungee V2 has a reputation for being a premium brand on the market. This is not a cheap best bungee mouse. There are some bungee gaming mouse that are more expensive than others. This can be a great way to add Razer products to your existing Razer product line.

The stand is simple in design and construction. The mouse’s base is heavy and won’t move on sudden flicks. Spring is resistant to rust and can last for a long time.

The mouse cord is held in place by the air, which reduces drag and resists movement and improves mouse flow. The stand’s design is excellent and will fit your setup. Bungee can be used at work or at home. It works well in both.


  • Good weight base
  • Affordable.


It can be used with thicker cord mice.

  1. Zowie Camade/ Camade II

Zowie is a pro-choice. Zowie is well-known for his no-frills approach when it comes to gaming peripherals. Camade follows the same pattern. Another excellent bungee mouse, Zowie Camade/ Camade II is very attractive. The design is simple and the retractable arm allows you to adjust the length of your arm as much as you like.

This gaming bungee mouse’s base is sturdy enough to withstand sudden pushes and is heavy enough to not move. The base is a heavy, rubber-sided design that helps the Camade stay put, regardless of how violent or sudden your swipes may be.

Camade’s arm is flexible and will give you an end-of-cable warning feeling, but not sudden.

Its retractable arm makes it a portable option. It can accommodate any cable that you want. This is why you will see the best bungee gaming mouse at tournaments desks.


  • This tool is great for helping with mouse cable snags
  • A healthy weight
  • Best looking bungee.


  • Somewhat pricy
  • It could be even heavier.
  1. Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee

Bungee review by Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse

Enhance is a brand known for its pioneering excellence. It’s no surprise that the enhanced model is a top-rated bungee mouse, and the winner of the most popular mouse bungee on the market. The gaming bungee meets all criteria, including fluidity, sturdiness and aesthetics.

The model’s base is heavier, so it can stand solidly on a desk, even during high-octane gaming sessions.

The spring-loaded arm acts as a reference point and provides stability. The spring-loaded appendage keeps your wires from getting tangled and causing problems in the middle and end of your game, when emotions are high. To promote more neatness, an elastic cable holder can be used if your mouse has a short cable.

This model of Enhance has a lot more than just the extras. The bungee has 4 USB hubs at its bottom. At the top, an ambient light is provided by the high-powered LEDs. You can choose from 6 color options to blend the bungee with your other gaming components.


Hgh Quality nRGB led lighting

small footprint.


It doesn’t look good when you use a computer system.

  1. Cougar Bunker Bungee

Cougar Bunker Bungee Review

Cougar gaming has taken the mouse bungee up a notch by giving it a unique twist. Rubber is used to make the rubber arm flexible.

This mouse offers both flexibility and durability. It is the best choice for those looking for the best bungee mouse. The mouse is capable of handling extreme and aggressive flicks.

The vacuum suction pad at the bottom of this Cougar bunker Bungee is one of its most distinctive features. After you have plopped it down, just apply some pressure to ensure that the bunker stays put and can withstand the table-flipping rage. The rubber arm is flexible and can hold a variety of cables with no hassle.

The Cougar Bunker bungee allows gamers to angle their arm upwards. The bungee is protected from the heat of battle by the vacuum seals. This one is for you if you’re an FPS player who moves your mouse around with quick movements.



It is held in place by the suction device.

Allows for movement to be accommodated.


It is a little more expensive than other products on the market.

  1. KLIM RGB Extension mouse

KLIM RGB Extension mouse review

This mouse is made specifically for players who are aggressive during play. KLIM RGB Extension is a mouse that can be used to eliminate friction, disruption, and clutter during game play.

It is a bungee gaming mouse that has both strength and fluidity. It has a flexible rubber arm that keeps it firmly fixed to a table.

KLIM sports has 3 USB 3.0 ports that can transfer 6GB of data. This will ensure your gaming sessions go smoothly. The bungee gaming mouse also comes with a microSD card reader, and the option to increase the number of USB ports.

The device also features an RGB backlit function that alternately changes colors to increase the gaming experience.


  • A sturdy portable build
  • You can retract the arm to use USB ports
  • Includes a 5-year warranty


Backlit can be quite distracting for many people.

  1. Tt Esports Galeru

  • Front ttesports Galeru
  • Tt esports Galeru Review

Galeru is ideal for people who are easily distracted and aggressive while gaming. The bungee arm is strong and reliable, and can withstand powerful and sudden pushes. This bungee mouse is the best because it offers the option to remove and reattach the rubber arm with the help of magnets.

Magnets allow you to attach your mouse cable to the arm without restriction. The arm then returns to its base using magnets. Galeru is the most user-friendly bungee mouse for setting up the G502

The Galeru is solid and rock-like in design and construction. The base is very solid thanks to thick rubber strips and a decent amount of weight. If you have more space, the Galeru Bungee mouse’s base is huge and will work well for you. The Galeru may not be right for you if you have a small desk or a small setup.

Galeru’s arm is completely made of rubber. The slop is directed downward so that the cable height doesn’t rise as high as other top picks.


  • Magnetic cable mounting systems that are unique
  • Stable and heavy
  • Flexible rubber arm


  • Very large
  • Rubber arm for Weaker
  • There are no height adjustments.

  1. BenQ Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee

BenQ used to manufacture scanners in the past. However, they now make gaming gear. The best gaming mouse is the bungee mouse. It was designed with gaming in mind.

The bungee mouse has a decent design that makes it easy to manage your mouse cables. It is simple, but does the job perfectly.

With its secure bungee, the cord will not interfere with your gaming sessions. You can adjust the spring arm and change its height to suit your needs. The clip is compatible with all types of mice and is smooth. The clip can be adjusted in height to hold the cord in place. The desk’s rubber feet stay attached to the desk.

The BenQ Zowie Camade mouse-bungee offers clutter-free, neat mouse management. It is also very affordable. In 2022, the bungee mouse will be one of your best options. This mouse is a great option for gamers who want a neat and clean gaming environment.


  • Adjustment of height
  • A clip compatible with all mouse cables
  • You only need one piece to makeover.


Lacks USB ports.