Best Laptops For SolidWorks 2022


You may use programs if you plan to use or intend to use other engineering software like AutoCAD, Revit, Lumion, and AutoCAD.

These laptops are ideal for solid work and can also run other engineering programs such as AutoCAD.

These are the criteria for choosing the best laptops to do solid work: First, it must have a dedicated GPU like AMD or NVidia.

A graphics card can help you achieve better and smoother performance. The laptop must also have an Intel Core i7 CPU.

A laptop should have storage and a display that is crystal clear. This laptop will last at least five years without you needing to buy another one.

You might need another laptop after that.

The Top Picks for 2022

Let’s begin with the top laptops for solid work.

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad P50

We are starting with Lenovo ThinkPad P50. This is a specially designed laptop for professionals who work on long projects and large assemblies.

The laptop is a mobile workstation. It is heavy and large, with a brick-like power supply.

You can expect lots of storage space and good ports selection. You can also install up to four storage devices via the DVD/CD drive.

Although the processor on this laptop is quite old, it still has the fastest clock speed of all the options.

This laptop is powered by Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5 with a core speed of 3.70 GHz. You get a larger onboard cache (8 MB) than many other laptops, including Intel Core i7 -7700HQ which has 6MB.

The 16GB RAM capacity of the Lenovo ThinkPad is ideal for large assemblies and complex models. You can also upgrade to 32GB later if you need more. RAM also has DDR4 support, which is the fastest.

SATA II SSD for an M.2. Although the slot is not the fastest, it still has amazing features such as opening Sold work at a lightning fast speed.

This laptop comes with a decent GPU card. It is not the best, but it is good enough. 4GB VRAM is a good size for a workstation if you need to work with large assemblies. You can also use its CUDA cores to accelerate GPU rendering.


  • Amazing 4K display with color calibration
  • Swift performance
  • Superlative keyboard


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Screens darker than the average
  • Carries an additional pound
  1. Dell Precision M7730

Our second list includes the Dell Precision M7730, which is a solid work laptop. Dell is well-known for making laptops that are both expensive and affordable. Fortunately, both do a great job and Dell Precision M7730 is no exception.

It has an excellent hardware configuration that is perfect for professionals who need reliable work.

The workstation’s processor is the Intel Xeon E-2176M processor. It offers a fast clock speed of up to 4.0 GHz and a 12MB cache, delivering adequate processing power.

The ultra-sharp Full High Definition 17.3 inch display provides a great contrast between vivid colors and intensity. Solid work requires a lot of precision and can result in poor results. A display screen is an advantage.

The laptop’s RAM is 64GB, which can handle all RAM-hungry applications without any lag. The laptop has 64GB of RAM, which will be useful for solid work or lofting.

NVIDIA Quadro 6GB graphics card is sufficient to handle any graphics-intensive tasks. Storage is provided by a 2TB PCIeM.2 NVMe SSD that provides ample space for all your projects.


  • Colors that are vivid, precise, and sharp
  • Display 4k
  • Premium design.


  • Warm runs
  • The most expensive configurations can be quite extravagant.
  1. MSI WE72 7RJ-1032US

This is another professional workstation. This laptop is perfect for students who are looking for a workstation that will help them through school. This laptop is designed to handle large-scale assembly projects. Although it is quite expensive, this laptop is well worth the money.

The laptop’s 17-inch Full HD display is a highlight. It uses IPS panel technology. It has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

This laptop performs the same as Lenovo ThinkPad 505. The laptop’s RAM is not ECC. It has been upgraded to 32GB DDR4, the fastest RAM available. The laptop’s clock speed is almost identical, only a bit faster than 3.8GHz. It also has an equal number cores.

The 512GB M.2 SSD SATA III keeps all your data safe. If you have more work to store, you can upgrade to RAM up to 2TB.

These are essential if you’re interested in large-scale assembly models and their simulations. The fan can be a bit noisy. It is a bit heavy, making it difficult to carry around. The laptop is 5.95 lbs.

NVIDIA Quadro 2200 4GB VRAM GPU with NVIDIA Quadro M2200 is only one step ahead of Lenovo’s M2200. SSD has twice the capacity, and the more you increase their capacities the more expensive they become. You can also upgrade SSD RAM to PCIe-based NVMe.

The laptop has three connectivity options: USB Type- C (Gen 2), HDMI port, Mini Display port 1.2, and USB Type- C(Gen 2nd).


  • Display with FHD IPS is excellent
  • High quality build
  • Right keyboard with illumination


  • Slow when reading cards
  • Insufficient power adaptor
  • Battery life is short and small.

  1. Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition

Acer Aspire Nitro black edition is a standard 15-inch laptop that can be used for solids work. This entertainment system can handle multimedia content, reliable work, and some gaming. This laptop’s first generation was released in 2014. However, the new model is more powerful.

The design of the laptop is attractive and it does a good job. It feels solid. The hinges are well-designed and soft. Users can lift the screen with one hand. The screen measures 15 inches and has a native resolution of 1920x1080p.

This laptop has Aspire V Nitro branding on it. The trackpad is black with a signature that indicates this is not an ordinary laptop.

The laptop’s screen is 4K with IPS panel technology. It can cover 100% of Adobe RGB. The panel’s sharp, vivid colors and wide viewing angles make it stand out.

Base model includes a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5-6300HQ CPU, 8GB RAM, and dual storage. You can upgrade to a higher or configured model and get 32GB DDR4 RAM with the Intel Core i7 processor.

It is very impressive in terms of battery life. A single charge should last no more than three hours.


  • Nice looking
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Rapid performance


  • It’s easy to get hot
  • Battery life very short
  • Upgrades are difficult.

  1. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Surface Book 2 is the perfect laptop for professional and student alike. Surface Book 2 can handle Solid tasks easily and, according to our research Surface Book 2 is also the only non-workstation certified for laptops for reliable work.

This laptop is considered a premium choice for the race because of its premium design and sturdy build.

The native resolution is 3000x2000p. The screen can be detached and surface pen notes can now be taken with greater ease. This is one of the most requested features by students.

This ultrabook is one of the most flexible for CAD work. You can configure the settings to suit your project’s complexity. The Quad-core i7 8th Gen processor is sufficient for students (though Intel Core i5 is also available).

A dedicated graphics card such as 1050GTX and 1060GTX will allow you to control the entire range of projects that you will encounter in your engineering curriculum. The laptop comes with a NVIDIA GTX 1050 2GBGDDR5 VRAM GPU.

Its storage is NCMe PCIe-based SSD (fastest up to now). They all have plenty of features to support solid work, so it doesn’t really matter how big they are. 1TB is plenty of space to keep your files and projects.

With primary use, the laptop will last 12 hours.


  • USB Type-C port
  • High-quality construction
  • Fanless design.


  • Lacks Thunderbolt 3
  • Little heavy
  • Expensive.