Lummus Technology: India (CB&I)

Description of the Company

Lummus Technology is a leader in the licensing of proprietary process Lummus Technologyto the hydrocarbon industry. Lummus Technology is known for its extensive technology portfolio and ability to offer single-source solutions to customers around the world. Lummus licenses more than 70 processes, which are supported by over 1,500 patents. Its key strengths include olefins, petrochemical intermediates, polymers, refining – including hydroprocessing and fluid catalytic cracking, lubes, and natural gas processing. Lummus Technology’s heat-transfer group is also a leader in the supply and design of heat transfer equipment for process industries around the world. Lummus Technology has been supplying fired heaters of all sizes and types since the 1930s. This includes more than 1,000 SRT (Short Residence Times) ethylene cracking heaters that are used to produce approximately 40% of the world’s annual ethylene production.

Services and Products

Olefins/Polyolefins Technologies Lummus Technology is licensed the most widely-used ethylene technology worldwide, with approximately 40% of the global capacity being based on our process. Propylene is a significant byproduct of the ethylene process for cracking liquid feeds. Olefins Conversion Technology adjusts the ratio between ethylene, propylene, and butylenes based on market demand and pricing. The Novolen(r), gas phase polypropylene process is also available for the production a wide range of polypropylene product lines. Petrochemical Technologies Lummus Technology provides a wide range of chemical technologies, including styrenics, polystyrene and phenolics, light-hydrocarbons (C3-C5 dehydrogenation and butadiene extract), as well as specialty chemicals such as dimethyl carbonate and diphenyl carbonate. Refining Technologies We offer a range of technologies for refining bottoms, hydroprocessing and reformulated fuels as well as high-octane blend components. Our joint venture with Chevron Lummus Global includes hydrocracking, residual Hydrotreating, residual Hydrocracking, and lubricants. CDTECH(r), a supplier of catalytic distillation, offers a range of products that combine reaction with fractionation in a single operation. These processes are applied in selective hydrogenation, hydrodesulfurization, alkylation and etherification. Gas Processing Technologies Lummus Technology has patented process technology and its proprietary know-how. These technologies are used in over 200 natural gas plants all around the globe. Many of our innovations, such as plate-fin exchangers or packings in cryogenic column, are still in use today. Our portfolio includes deep ethane, propane, NicheLNGSM and mitigation of CO2 in NGL processing. We also have hydrocarbons extracted from refinery streams. This allows us to grow our technology position through the natural gas value-chain.

Lummus Technology unveils next Generation FCC Feed Injectors

Lummus Technology has launched its Micro-Jet(tm), Flex feed injectors. This is a technological upgrade to fluid catalytic cracking systems (FCC). The next-generation FCC feed injector offers a variety of performance benefits including a lower pressure drop, reduced droplet size and accelerated feed vaporization.

“Refiners want to improve performance and ease-of-serviceability while minimising operational issues like erosion and mechanical deficiencies,” stated Todd Vogt (Vice President and Managing Director of Refining and Gas Processing at Lummus Technology). We focused on reducing or eliminating these roadblocks when designing the Micro-Jet(tm), Flex system. This also helps improve operators’ yields while minimizing operational difficulties. We are thrilled to introduce this product and have it implemented at customers’ locations around the globe.

Lummus will be participating in a live webcast hosted on Wednesday, September 15th, 10:00 to 11:00 AM CDT.

Lummus, in addition to its extensive technology portfolio, also offers its own equipment, including feed injectors to help customers through the entire lifecycle of their assets. Lummus’s earlier feed injectors have consistently produced higher yields of valuable light product when used in place of conventional injectors. The Micro-Jet(tm), Flex feed injectors are an improvement on the Micro-Jet ™ Plus system. They offer improved characteristics such as optimal angle, correct exit velocity and complete feed/catalyst contact. This maximizes the unit’s performance.

McDermott invests in Lummus Technology

McDermott International Ltd announced it had invested in Lummus Technology Holdings I LLC. This holding company is part of Lummus Technology.

McDermott and Rhone Capital entered into a share-and-asset purchase agreement on January 21, 2020 for Lummus Technology. The partnership was formed by Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. (a flagship company of the Chatterjee Group) and McDermott. McDermott was granted the right to purchase a minority equity interest in the entity that purchased Lummus under the terms of the agreement. This option was recently exercised by the company.

McDermott’s comprehensive restructuring included the sale of Lummus. McDermott closed that deal on June 30, 2020. McDermott stated that Lummus and it have been working together since the sale to provide customers with technology solutions throughout the plant’s life cycle.

In a company statement, David Dickson, president and chief executive officer at McDermott stated that the agreement “not only strengthens our already-robust, active relationship but also reflects us support for, and belief in Lummus’ long term strategic plan.”

McDermott President added that “Together we will continue to mix McDermott’s innovative EPC delivery and Lummus’ innovative technology solutions for our customers across the world,” in the statement.

Lummus Technology has been described as a leader in the development and implementation of process technologies. Lummus Technology, a business with a history of more than 110 years, serves as a Master Licensor for petrochemical, refining and gasification, gas processing and renewable technologies. It also supplies catalysts and proprietary equipment to customers around the world.