Wisconsin “Farm Technology Days 2021”


EAU CLAIRE (Wis.) Today, the Executive Committee of Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2021 Eau Claire County announced that the show will continue with key COVID-19 safety protocols. The event will be held July 20-22 at Huntsinger Farms in Huntsinger Farms. Huntsinger Farms is the largest horseradish Farm Technology Days 2021  grower and processor in the United States and around the world. Mike Gintner, Vice-Chair Mark Hagedorn and Ken Traaseth, the Host Farm Manager, were present Monday, April 5, as the first trailer was put on the showgrounds.

Tickets will be available for purchase by June. Hotels in the area are already booking rooms at reduced rates.

The anticipation of the show is high in the region and the Committee plans for a strong attendance.

Over 350 exhibitors from the Midwest and Canada have already signed up for the 2021 show. Innovation Square will showcase a wide range of local farms, including Superior Fresh, Huntsinger Farms, Superior Fresh, America’s largest aquaponics producer of greens and salmon, Chippewa Valley Bean, the world’s premier kidney bean processor, Chippewa Valley Bean, Doane Farm, Marieke Gouda cheese maker and Penterman Dairy Farm. Ferguson’s Orchards is one of the Midwest’s largest apple growers as well as agritourism companies.

In 2021, Wisconsin’s largest outdoor agricultural event will travel to northwest Wisconsin. Next question: What will the show look like in 2021?

The University of Wisconsin Extension staff is one of the key partners in the success of Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. Many are unsure what the show will look like in 2020, given the proposed cuts and changes to county and state extension specialists.

Matt Glewen is the General Manager of Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. He was also a former UW-Extension agent. Glewen spoke with Bryant Gill from WI Farm Report to say that the show’s history shows how important extension staff are in organizing volunteers and serving as a hub for host counties’ show. This is in addition to execution with state extension specialists who will be featured at different locations around the event. He isn’t optimistic that the enthusiasm for the project will diminish.

Glewen stated that “it’s difficult to look really far into the future.” “I believe that with the help of the state board of directors in committing some money to support extension, in terms of hiring coordinators who might do some of the things their staff have done before, I believe we are in good shape to sustain the show for future.”

Also being considered is the long-debated option of a permanent venue for the show. Glewen states that the board has stated that they will continue with the current model as long as the county is open to hosting. He claims that large exhibitors who are part of the show more often are vocal in seeking permanent sites. Glewen believes there is more to the issue than just the physical aspect of a permanent location.

Roehl Acres Selected for 2022 Clark County Farm Technology Days host

Roehl Acres of Loyal was selected to host the 2022 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. Roehl Acres, owned by Dennis and Suzie Roehl, is a registered dairy cattle farm that has over 500 cows. It covers 750 acres.

“In 1983, my first Farm Technology Days 2021 Show was held. It was my 14th birthday and it was the most memorable thing I’d ever done. 36 years later, I will be the Farm Technology Days host farm in 2022. This is something I’ve been working towards all my life. Dennis stated.

Roehl Acres dairy herd is registered and milked in a stantion barn that dates back over 100 years. Although the barn is considered outdated technology, it works at its peak efficiency with three sets of cows being milked daily by the family.

In 2005, Dennis’ father Lowell Roehl purchased the farm from the Roehls. Lowell still assists with the fieldwork. Dennis and Suzie’s three children are the third generation of the farm.

Lowell’s brother Erlin, Bonnie Roehl, and their family opened an event barn down the road to bring in additional income. Doug and Kim Roehl operate Rustic Occasions the event barn. Erlin stated that small farms are disappearing and that people are now looking for other income streams.

The Roehl family is excited to host Farm Technology Days 2022, because of their passion for agriculture and commitment to Clark County.

Clark County’s extension crops agent and soils agent Richard Halopka said that Clark County has the traditional agricultural feel, but is able to adapt to the many new technologies. “We are thrilled to host the show, with our theme: “Where tradition meets technology.”